Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rylan's Thanksgiving

Jodi’s son Rylan attends the local YMCA “pre-school” program, while Jodi is working at Comfort Keepers.

She leaves him there each week day morning at about 7:15, and then goes to whatever client she is helping that day. Her help is NOT medical, but just about every other help that an elderly person might need. She regularly has 3 to 4 clients a week that she helps.

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, Rylan’s “school” had a Thanksgiving observation and meal. Each parent brought or sent a “covered dish”, for all to enjoy. They were invited to join with their child in the meal and celebration.

When Jodi found out about the occasion, she checked her schedule and found that she had to be with a client that day, past the time of the meal. Since she didn’t want Rylan to be there without another family member present, she asked me if I would like to be there, for Rylan.

Of course, I said “Yes”!

Fortunately, she prepared the dish - “cheesy potatoes” - that we enjoyed, along with the other “tasty” dishes others brought.

I arrived at the proper time, and Rylan was with the other children in the gym, with unorganized playing. He came right up to me and gave me a hug.

His friends followed, and more and more came, as they looked at my face, which had been damaged in my fall.

My nose was broken, and my forehead and the bridge of my nose were swollen. Both of my eyes were “black”, and the kids were “enthralled” with this “freak”.

(Any wonder?)

Nobody said anything, including Rylan, but there were plenty of them paying attention to me - especially the black eyes.

Finally, it was time to go to the next room where the meal was to be served. There were 6 or 7 tables laid out, and the food deposited on a shelf at the side of the room.

When came time to eat, one of the leaders had a child lead us all in a prayer of thanksgiving for the food (God is great, God is good, etc.)

The line formed on the left, and Rylan and I followed other children and their parents through the line.

As is the case with all “carry-in” meals, the food was outstanding.

We sat at a table with two other children and their mothers.

The leaders began distributing some of the crafts the children had made. Here’s Rylan and the “turkey” he made.

The other mothers (and I) began taking “group” pictures. Here are a couple with Rylan and Friends.

When we were just about finished eating, Jodi arrived from her client’s house, and got some food herself.

Then we bid goodbye to Rylan’s “school”.

Rylan and I followed Jodi to their house (Rylan wanted to ride with me), and with Jodi joining us, we headed for the Library. Jodi had some DVD’s to return, and some others to pick up. They don’t have a TV that receives programs, so they watch DVD’s and Movies all the time.

Jodi needed to do some laundry, and I needed to get back home to complete planning for Monday’s Town Hall meeting, so I delivered them to their car, and returned to The Grand Court.

It’s nice to have family around. When we stayed at John and Tonya’s for about a year-and-a-half, we had around us: 2 children; 4 grandchildren; and 6 Great-grandchildren - all in the same small town.

And, on the regular Thanksgiving Day, Jodi, Rylan and I will be joining Jim and Joyce’s extended family for a get-together in Centerville.

Thank God for family!

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