Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Book Published


The book is finished!

Not only that, but it is PUBLISHED!

Twenty-one copies are on the way to me, in about a week. The “one” is the “free” one I got when I paid $369 to get it published. The “twenty” are the ones I bought to sell here.

They will be available for sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, et al, in 6 to 8 weeks, by using the ISBN Number: 978-0-557-19742-2. Other Bookstores may buy them also, by using this number. The book is listed for General Distribution. The title is: “Musings Of A Story Teller Wannabe”. The author is Mike Maddex.

See below how to order RIGHT NOW (some friends have already done so) directly from, my Publisher.

For those new to this blog, I need to explain that the 44 chapters in this book have been compiled, edited and condensed from previous postings here. If you’ve read all the postings from the beginning, I guess you wouldn’t need the book.

Although, our granddaughter Kelly, who suggested the book in the beginning, was going to compile the postings as an archive for the family. Now, part of that has been done by publishing this book.

Also for those new to the blog, I should mention that I posted my first entry here just over a year ago, maybe a month after my wife Jean of 65 years passed over into the presence of Jesus.

Our son John and his wife Tonya, with whom we had been living for a year and a half, suggested that writing on a blog might help me occupy my time and thinking, now that Jean had passed on.

It was all foreign to me, but John gave me the address to use:,

and set me out on my own. Now, a year later, I’ve posted over 130 of these “Musings” on this blog, and I don’t seem to have run down yet. Such is the life of a “blabbermouth”.

In one sense of the word, the book is “autobiographical” - that is it’s about myself - what I’ve felt; what I’ve experienced; and how I’ve reacted to outside forces.

There are 3 chapters about my Christian Radio experiences; 4 about my 12 years of Elementary and High School attendance; two chapters on Cell Phones; some family happenings; etc.

I just got the word that though I will receive my free copy in a couple of days; the 20 I ordered, by next week; but it will be 6 to 8 weeks before it will be available by ISBN at book stores.

HOWEVER, contacting my source at Lulu Publishing indicated that the book may be purchased RIGHT NOW on, by listing either the title - “Musings Of A Story Teller Wannabe”, or by my name “Mike Maddex”. They say 27 books have been sold already. (20 of them to me).

I’ve talked to some who have bought it off, and they say it is “very very easy” to do.

I think I’ll post this right away, so my friends may know how to get it before even the ISBN works.

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Michelle Weger said...

Congratulations on the book! What a great accomplishment...from one blabbermouth to another! :)