Friday, December 11, 2009

The Book Arrived!!


The first book arrived today, and Timi took some pictures of the event.

First, here's Carol Miller handing me the parcel, that was obviously the book.

Trying to get the "cussed parcel" open! Don't they know I'm excited?

Me, actually looking at the book for the first time:

Really, I'm acting like a kid with a new toy - or, more aptly, like a father viewing his newborn child - before anyone else did - except, of course, the publisher, or the mother, as the case may be.

I mentioned earlier that though the ISBN number won't work for a few weeks, the book may be bought - and 15 have already been bought - besides the 20 I bought for my friends at The Grand Court.

To buy a book from the Internet, type in "", then click on "Buy". In the blank slot,type Mike Maddex, or Musings of a Story Teller Wannabe, then "follow your nose", with your credit or debit card ready.

Sometime next week after the 20 arrive, we are having a "book signing", or "autograph party", whichever you choose, where I will sell maybe 18 to Grand Court people at my Author's cost. I need to reserve 2 for Jessica Pikey, the Illustrator, and Timi Neff, the Photographer for the Author's Photo. Free to them, of course.

Thank the Lord for this experience. I pray that some of thse "musings" - even the funny and ridiculous ones - might bring a smile, or a serious thought to each one who reads.

To God Be The Glory, and in remembrance of my 65 delightful years of marriage to Jean.

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