Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well folks, after about a week (more or less) of looking at this blank screen, I’ve concluded that this adventure of “Blog Posting” is over!

I’ve lost my inspiration.

I even asked you for some, in a previous posting.

So, it’s been coming on now for a couple of weeks, or more.

Who knows what MIGHT bring it (the inspiration, that is) back again, but for now, I’m gabbed out!

(Ok, Mike. Nobody’s gonna believe that!)

I checked, and it looks like I’ve made 139 postings here, mostly blabbing about whatever comes to mind - as an inspiration.

It’s not that I won’t have any more “weird” happenings in my life. They’ll always be there, I think. But, whether to have the inspiration to “set them down” on paper or not, is the question.

After all, I DO now have the inspiration to finish editing 46 more of these postings for another book, to be tentatively entitled “More Musings From Mike”. That’ll take another two months or more.

Thinking about these past postings, though, several thoughts come to mind:

I have a penchant for using unusual words for some things. Most times, it’s just the right word for the occasion - though occasionally I have used them as a show-off, I think. And other times, just for fun.

Actually, these words normally come to mind from some previous use of them - by me, or someone else - but occasionally, I’ve gotten them from some British mystery novel I’m reading. I look it up, and with the definition in mind, I store it into my subconsciousness, waiting for a propitious time to use it. I don’t TRY to find a spot for it, but sometimes it just “comes to mind”.

In the previous paragraph, I used the word “subconsciousness”. After doing so, I thought I’d better check. First of all, is it a word? Secondly, should it be hyphenated?

Dictionary - Yes, it is a word! Secondly, it should NOT be hyphenated.

Speaking of British novels, I think those guys (or gals) PURPOSELY use the biggest, and most unusual words they can find, just to “show up” us Americans. They KNOW we’re “definitionally” inept. (Well, that’s NOT a word, at least in my dictionary, but it describes what I’m trying to say. It does list the word “definitional” as an adjective.)

More commonly said, “They know we’re not good at definitions of big words”

As I said, most of these words just normally came to mind, from some time that I used - or heard it used - in the past. The word just seems to fit the occasion.

OK - - - - sometimes I just show-off.

One of the words I used that caused some reaction was the word “posit”. Like “he may not always agree with what I posit here”.

This word just came to me naturally as I was writing that piece. I don’t know where I ever heard it before, but I was confident of its meaning, and used it without question. It means to “put something forward”, or “suggest something”. (I DID look it up, as always, before I “put to bed” that posting.) It never occurred to me that it would be questioned.

The question was, “Was that a ‘typo’, that should have been ‘post’, instead?” No……..I meant to use that word, without question. However, I can easily see how someone could think it was a typo. After all, what I do with these writings is to “post” them.

The one “posting” I did that included 20 or more of those British words - along with their definition - was obviously “overkill”. (I just looked up that word, and had to remove the hyphen I had used.) I’m sure hardly anyone really read all of those words, but it just emphasized what I’ve been saying about the British writers - they think we’re ignorant!

Occasionally, I use one of the unusual words incorrectly. There’s no question in my mind about what the word means but I may mistakenly think it’s a “noun”, when it’s an “adjective”.

For example I ALMOST used the word “intrepid” incorrectly. I was talking about being “up-to-date”, and I ALMOST said, “Since I am intrepid, I have a cell phone.”

Intrepid means, “fearless and/or brave” (mostly fearless), and just to be sure of the meaning, I looked it up before posting, and found out that “intrepid” is an adjective, not a noun. So……….I finally said, “Since I’m an intrepid kind of guy……”. That was correct - at least the grammar part.

Some of the inspiration for these postings come from just the strange way things happen, or many times, how the circumstances just “scream out” for a “God moment” acknowledgement.

Like, how I “happened upon” the fact that the Speedway store had installed an ATM from my bank - Chase. I hadn’t visited that Speedway - or any other one here - since I had moved back. In fact, I had been trying for months to find a Chase Bank to get cash from my checking account, without having to pay two fees. And, this was just two days before I was leaving for a Florida vacation with our granddaughter Kelly, and her family. I needed more cash than you can normally get from an ATM.

God moment!

The strange way people seem to recognize my voice is one of the things that is “weird”. I mentioned a couple of them.

Falling and breaking my nose was an incident that I was inspired to write about. Doing so was a reminder to me to be more careful, at my age, as I walk or move around.

Last Sunday at church, the son-in-law of a lady my age, told me how she had fallen backwards, and hit her head. I went up to her, not knowing she was aware of my fall, and I said, “You know, you’d better be careful where you step so you won’t fall”. She said, “Speak for yourself, Bub” That’s almost what she said.

Time with my grandchildren is always precious to me, and deeply impressed upon my mind. So……I write about these experiences.

Funny things like losing my socks in the washer/dryer, strike me as something someone else might identify with.

One of the most remarkable happenings was how I “ran across” a lady who knew nearly everyone I knew, growing up, but we didn’t even know the other one existed. We’ve been living in the same complex now for months.

The postings that mean the most to me, it seems now, are: The three about New Guinea and Manila; the three about my Radio Ministry; and the four about my school experiences. They were the longest, at least.

Just reading about Jean’s sister’s 9 children, and how they treat their mother was a delight to me.

Jean and I took several vacations in the 65 years we were married, and though several are commented on here, not all of them were. But, these seemed to me to be of interest - at least to family members.

Actually, truth be known, these postings are mostly for present and future “Maddexes” and relatives, as Kelly envisioned when she suggested the book. Others have enjoyed some of them also.

Down this far, I just now wondered if I had used the right word for the title of this posting - “Finale!” If it was incorrect, I was going to change it. So, as usual, I looked it up. As I was reading the definition, I began to get worried, because..... well, just read it:


fi·nal·e [fi nĂ¡llee, fi nlee]
(plural fi·nal·es)
1. final theatrical scene: a scene or musical number that brings a stage performance or an act of a performance to an end
2. final section of music: a final movement or section of a musical composition
3. final event in series: an event that is the last or climactic event in a series

[Mid-18th century. Via Italian < Latin finalis (see final)]
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

I guess the third definition fits this “Finale!”.

Another “snag” I occasionally come upon, is the use of quotation marks at the end of a sentence. Do they go before, or after the period?

It seems to me, that, if the quotation is within another sentence, the period would be at the end. If, however, the period ends a part of the quotation, shouldn’t it be BEFORE the quotation marks? I don’t have it down yet, and I’m sure I haven’t been consistent. I just did what seemed right at the time.

Though grammar is a hobby of mine, I am certainly NOT an expert!

A final quandary (dilemma) for me is in deciding what subject is worthy of posting - on this blog.

I guess, since it IS MY blog, I should have the final say in what is included. But……..sometimes there are personal issues of someone else who is mentioned. And, it is equally unsettling as to whether the name should be mentioned at all.

I’ve been told that the mention of someone no longer living is not even a possible question. But, how about a living person? I’m not talking about libel issues now, but whether or not any name should be mentioned - without their specific permission. Names I HAVE mentioned have been in a positive manner, and not pejoratively at all.

The same with organizations.

There were 3 different postings I made about an organization that I was a member and officer of several years ago, and some of the comments were not positive, in describing what went on. After some months, I deleted these three postings totally, in the interest of fairness.

FINALLY, other than the 45 years I spent in the Christian Radio Ministry; 65 years of marriage to Jean; and the 62 years I’ve been a parent, grandparent and great-grandparent, I’ve had no greater satisfaction than these 140 postings I’ve now made here, and, hopefully, the two books that have followed.

My profound thanks to all who have taken the time to read this stuff!

Mike Maddex
December 31, 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book Signing

Well, a first for me…………I sold a total of 15 books here - at my actual cost - gave one to Jessica because of her sketch on the front cover; one to Timi for her Author’s photo on the back cover; (neither of them may receive any money from residents for any purpose); one to Tracy for consideration as a “premium” at SHARATHON; one to Kelly, for the original idea of the book; and one to Tom Stafford of the Springfield News-Sun for consideration of a feature article.

That rounds out the original 20 I ordered. I bought 10 more, which are on the way.

There have been 16 sold on the Internet, so far.

To buy one yourself: 1) Go to the Internet; 2) type in; 3) click on BUY; 4) then fill-in the blank with either “Mike Maddex” or, “Musings of a Story Teller Wannabe.” Then, have your credit card and mailing address ready.

The cost here is $13.94 per book (set by the publisher), plus mailing, making the final cost just over $17.00.

I’ve asked the publisher to refund $3.00 to those who have purchased from them, and take it from my “royalty”. Then, to sell any new ones for $10.94, giving me the “one dollar per book royalty” I requested, rather than the three dollars they set.

I don’t know how that process will go.

Now, to the Signing.

Some were bought earlier in the day since some of the buyers couldn’t come at 1:00 PM for the signing. But, 15 books vanished from my stock - though I expect to have 10 more by Monday or Tuesday.

At the end, I had one book left, so I took it to my room. On the way, the son of one of the residents said he just got here, and wanted a book. He got the last one.

I’m not totally lonely, though, because the ORIGINAL book that I essentially paid $369 for, is staying with me - as a souvenir.

Now, several days later, the next 10 arrived just before Christmas, and I have 7 of them left.

By the way, though I MAY run out of books here that I have bought, the publisher will NEVER “run out”, since they just print up whatever is ordered, and ship them out. They are VERY fast, and generally ship in 3 to 5 business days after the order.

Some of the comments have been gratifying, such as one of the Supervisors here who said her kids like it as much as she does. (She insisted I sign her book, including writing her name with it.)

A couple who are friends with Jim and Joyce are waiting until the Christmas and other holiday rush is over, then to read it. She was so excited, that I told her she should wait until after reading it, to see how she felt about it then.

( I hope it holds up!)

Two or three staff members here say they want to buy it, but need to find the cash after recovering from the Christmas “spending spree”. I WANT to just give one to them, but my “dollars sense” tells me I’m losing enough with the original order.

But, I just want people to read it.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this yet, but I have already done a “first edit” on another 46 potential chapters for a “sequel”. Something like, “More Musings From Mike”; or, “Ramblings of a Rag Tag Octogenarian”; or, “He Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut”; or, some intelligent title like these.

Jessica, the artist who did the front cover, just now stopped by to pick up 3 more for her family. (They MAY like the cover better than the text of the book, I don't know.)

Sitting back now, just thinking about this whole thing, I think one has to be just a little bit “arrogant” to expect people just to rush out and spend money to read thoughts just “spewing” out of one’s mouth (fingers, actually).

And, the more people talk about it, expressing delight in the thoughts, humor, crazy ideas, etc, you express, the more you think what you’ve written amounts to something.

It’s hard not to get proud!

I think I have a tendency toward “braggadocio” anyway. And, having people positively comment on something you have written; or spend money to read more of, “feeds” that apparent need for “self-aggrandizement”.

Sometimes, it’s not a pretty sight.

But, ever since our Granddaughter Kelly began talking to me about “archiving” some of the things I’ve written - basically to give future generations of family members an insight on what one of their progenitors was like, and what he felt like - I’ve been aiming in that direction. And, to be honest, I’d like for others to know a bit more about me, as well.


There I go admitting to some rather distasteful thinking again.

Maybe I should stop here, and give myself a little shower of humility.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kiser Lake

Note: This was written the middle of October.

On the Activity Calendar for yesterday, was this notation:

“2:00 Fall Bus Ride to Look At Leaves.”

Been on the calendar for nearly a month - looking forward to the usual “fall outing” for residents of places like The Grand Court.

How does one calculate WHEN the “leaves” are at their “richest” in color - ahead of time?

Some past history in this particular place does help, it seems.

Depends on how far “north” or “south” one is, actually. As well as the amount of moisture in the tree trunks.

This is not some major weather calculation by me, but merely a “guess” as to when the leaves have “turned” just right.

It could be different from last year - again, depending on the moisture.

I’m not by any means an expert on this subject, but some years ago somebody set me straight on what causes the leaves to turn. I was told that, contrary to what I’ve always thought, cold weather is NOT the determining factor of the “changing color” of the leaves. It is, rather, the amount of moisture in the tree trunk/limbs there.

As the days get shorter, and the amount of growing weather abates, moisture and other nutrients to the trees declines, apparently. (Did you notice my “disclaimer” there? “Apparently”. Try to pin me down, will ya?)

Back to Kiser Lake.

When we started out, Karl, our sometimes bus driver didn’t tell us where we were going, but did ask for suggestions. Most said, “North”, thinking of “pretty trees”, no doubt.

No reply from Karl. He just kept driving until he arrived at Westville, west of Urbana on US 36. He turned left then, and I thought maybe he would be going as far as Saint Paris.

Arriving there, he kept going west, until SR 235. THEN I knew he was headed for Kiser Lake.

I don’t know what activities are still going on there. It’s been MANY years since I’ve been there, but it DID seem “empty”. Two months earlier would have provided some guests, I’ll bet.

We drove into the park, and Karl followed the winding road through there, with trees in various stages of “turning”.

We didn’t see many REAL pretty trees. Probably too early this year, apparently.

We went back in there farther than I have ever gone before, and I was surprised to see several private residences there.

Karl went as far as he could, then had to turn around and return to SR 235. Once, I thought we were going to be lost, but Karl “drove us out”.

Going south, then, past US 36, he took us to SR 41, then headed back toward Springfield.

One of our fellow residents had given me a twenty dollar bill to buy “one dollar sundaes” for all at McDonald’s. I passed it along to Karl, so he drove to the McDonald’s on Upper Valley Pike.

Timi had told him that the one nearest home was the best, but Karl was concerned about being gone too long, making the “early supper” riders too late to eat.

Karl and I went in to order 12 Sundaes, 4 each for chocolate, strawberry and caramel. The riders had given us their order before going in.

The clerk said there was no strawberry (a third of our crowd); the chocolate was fudge (another third); and no caramel (the final third.)

Karl and I felt rather compromised, so that, and the fact that we were so late, prompted us to go back to the bus, report on what we found, and asked if they’d just as leave we went on back home - “sundae-less”.

“Go home”, was the response.

Ice cream sundaes another time.

We did just barely make it back for the early eaters, so “all’s well that ends well”, as we used to say in Mechanicsburg.

Don’t give up on us, McDonald’s. We’ll be back!

You can count on it. (We still have Emil’s $20 to spend.)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunday Services

One of the duties of the Resident Council at The Grand Court is to take suggestions or complaints from residents, and investigate what should be done about them, from our point of view. If the comment seems to us to be pertinent, and worth considering, we discuss it, and take whatever action we think we should - mostly discussing it with Management.

A complaint or suggestion might be from, and/or about, just one resident, or about the group as a whole.

The Grand Court is committed to caring for each individual here in whatever way is practicable and possible.

For many of us, we are “shut-in” here, without any way to leave. If there are things we would like to do, or have done for us, we need to find some way to accomplish them.

At the first meeting of the newly organized (after the election) Council, someone mentioned that there are some residents who would like to go out to church, but have no transportation. Could we have a service here?

In past years - in fact when Jean and I were here the first time - our Grand Court Bus took residents to a different church each Sunday.

By the time I got back here last Spring, the bus no longer ran on Sunday. The trips had to stop, due to a lack of interest. They were down to just one resident each week, and it was hardly good stewardship to pay a Staff Member for at least a half-day, just to take one person to a Church Service.

Thus - “Could we have a service here?”

The Management here is very open to that, we are told. In fact, our Activities Director has already planned a letter to local churches, asking if any one (or more) of them could come in on, say, Sunday afternoons to provide a service.

One of our Council Members has a cousin who is a retired minister (whom I have known for maybe 40 years also), and the Member thought he could ask him to consider coming in.

He was able to finally contact him - at about the same time that I sent him an e-mail - to ask him to consider providing a service.

It turns out that, though officially “retired”, he still speaks every Sunday, at various venues, and could not commit to this.

Apparently, contacts have been made with others in the past, to no avail.

The new Council is going to try to get this going.

I sent a letter to my pastor about this, a copy of which follows - with some omissions to not identify the church:

One recent request by some Residents is for a weekly Church Service here.

The facility used to provide a bus ride to some local church when we were first here over 2 years ago, but declining riders (maybe only one a week), made its continuance unfeasible.

Enter this group of Council Members.

Though the Facility cannot pay for a service here, they seem to not object to it, if it's essentially run by the Resident Council.

At our last meeting, we felt that Sunday afternoon would be the best time - both as convenient to the residents, and to any church group that would come in.

Now, my reason for writing to you (as if you didn't already realize):

1. Is there presently any group at our church that would or could provide an hour long service - including music - or shorter, if message only, as an extension of the church?

2. Or, is there an individual who would be interested in doing this, as an extension of the church?

3. Or, is there a Sunday School class, or youth group, that would be interested in the same thing?

4. Or, anything else you can think of - as an extension of the Church?

5. Or, does this fit in with one of the Assistant Pastors' opportunities at our Church?

6. Or, would one of the above 1 to 5 options fit on an irregular basis - say with another or two churches?

I can't promise what the attendance would be, but a quality teaching and worship service could be possibly well attended.

My pastor, by the way, responded right away and said they are already doing two of these each week, and are unable to add another at this time.

For a couple weeks, no one else responded, then, last Monday, Rev. Marv Wiseman, Pastor of the Grace Bible Church, agreed to see what he could to.

Praise the Lord!

Let’s see what transpires.

A week later:

Rev. Wiseman has now graciously agreed to a three month trial of this, for January thru March. Praise the Lord!

His question to Timi about song books (since we presently have only 6 or 7) was answered by a mimeograph machine (or, probably a computer) at the church, with the songs available each week.

I’m not a shut-in, PTL, and I have a car that takes me to my church every Sunday, but I plan to participate in this service to The Grand Court, provided by Grace Bible Church, every Sunday I can.

I have previously mentioned the Bible Study offered here each Tuesday night by a layman, with as much actual Bible knowledge as anyone I know.

He’ll say, “Over in (Book) in about, verse (number), you’ll find – ”, and he goes right to the verse, knowing where it is on the page, the reads it. Of course, it is the right one that he was looking for.

Sometimes he wanders a little off the specific passage we are currently studying – maybe relating a personal experience – but “he ties it all in”!

We sing Gospel Songs also at the beginning, with him accompanying on the guitar. The whole time is very enjoyable, and mostly enlightening.

Our task now, is to do the right thing in encouraging our shut-in residents to attend the Sunday meetings.

Knowing of Rev. Wiseman’s teaching, I can assure anyone that these services will be spiritually enlightening as well.

Thank the Lord for the victory in this project!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Inspiration Anyone?

I don't mean, "Do you want some inspiration?"

I mean, "Have you got any you can spare?"

You may have noticed that it has been nearly a week since I've posted on this blog.

I've never been "dry" that long before, I don't think.

Ohhhhhh.....maybe one time 10 or 11 months ago, when I couldn't post anything, so I got up at 2 AM, lamenting that I didn't have anything to say. I went on and on lamenting, until I ended up with a "medium sized" posting, called, "Musings of s Story Teller Wannabe."

If you're a "regular" reader and/or devotee of these postings, you know that I don't just pick a story subject or title "out of the air". It has to "Hit me" - so I just have to sit down and type on this infernal computer.

Like this:

What "hit me" today, was the fact that I haven't posted for so long, most folk will have given up on me.

Don't do that!

I've already got a couple "ideas" floating around in my head, and if we're not careful, they'll show up here.

Pray me some inspiration would you, please?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Journey To Bethlehem

I’m writing this the morning after this experience provided by the Hillside Church of God in Springfield, presented at the Church of God Campgrounds, just west of the Springfield City Limits.

Let me back up, a little.

Last Thursday night I got sick with the flu, and stayed in bed until Saturday morning at breakfast. Not too peppy even then, but I went down to eat anyway. Seemed OK, but shortly after breakfast, I realized that the remnants of the flu remained - tiredness, weakness, a little queasy etc. - so I lay back down again to rest. I didn’t make my bed, I just rested on top.

At lunch time on Saturday, it seemed like I would be feeling OK, but half-way through, I just thought I would feel better lying in my bed. Didn’t eat much.

I hacked at this computer a little, but then it seemed like I would feel better lying on top of my bed - so I did.

At about 1:55 PM, there was a loud knock on my door, and when I said, “Come in”, Timi opened the door slightly and said, “Are you comin’ down? We’re about ready to start!” I said, “I can’t decide”.

She was talking about a pre-school singing group from First Christian Church that was here to “entertain” us.

I thought, “I can’t miss those kids”, so I climbed out of bed and went out the door. I could hear her next door, routing out my next door neighbor to go also.

Walking down the hall toward the Dining Room, I could hear Timi and her other “culprit” walking behind me.

When I got there, I saw that the chairs were all lined up in 3 rows, with another to be added.

I sat in the present back row, among my fellow Grand Court Residents. When I arrived, David came over and asked if he could sit beside me. He does this a lot, and, of course, I don’t object.

The pre-schoolers sang their songs for us, then asked us to join them in singing well-known Christmas Carols.

After each of their selections, they received a nice round of applause from us residents.

When they sang the carols - asking us to join them - I started singing some, though my voice had not returned to its normal timbre. I couldn’t reach the high notes very well.

This was confirmed shortly, when David moved one seat away from me. I, and another senior citizen near by started to laugh - both of us knowing that David wasn’t enjoying my singing. Shortly, I stopped singing, and David returned next to me. Need I have more confirmation of his feeling about my singing that day?

When the singers were finished, Timi provided sugar cookies for them, and they passed out to us, candy canes with a description of the cane, and the letter “J”.

I went back to my room, and “sacked out” for a little.

For some reason, I returned to the Dining Room, and found Jessica Nissley leading the residents in group singing - and an occasional special number by her.

I was encouraged to “sit-in”, and the granddaughter of Marjorie tried to get me to go up front and sing. When David had moved away from me earlier, she encouraged me to sing more.

More singing by the group and by Jessica, then I was asked to go up front to sing. I said that no one means as much to as Jesus, and then sang “No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus“ (as many of the words as I could remember)

With further encouragement, I then sang the solo I first sang 70 years ago in Church, “O Rest In The Lord”. Surprisingly, after all these years, I still remembered nearly every word.

By then, I thought I had shown off enough, so I returned to my room.

The next day was Sunday, and I got up and went to church.

That night, the Hillside Avenue Church of God put on a spectacular presentation of a “Journey to Bethlehem”, at the Church of God Campgrounds just west of the Springfield City Limits.

Jodi had called me the previous evening, asking if I would like to join her and Rylan for this presentation. Assuming I would feel OK, I agreed.

I’m surely glad I did!

This dramatic play - spread out over an acre of ground, with hundreds of realistic scenes from Bible times, and maybe that many individuals particitating.

In the dining hall of one of the buildings, they separated us into about 6 groups - with about a dozen in each group - and were led out of that building to go on a “realistic” journey to Bethlehem, on the night of Jesus’ birth.

We were led by a supposed Jew from Hebron, coming to Bethlehem to pay taxes, as all citizens were required to do at that time. On the way, we met shepherds, Roman soldiers, and other pilgrims traveling that way.

Our leader explained each step of the journey, and at each stop, someone there explained what was going on.

Presently, loud music and singing voices echoed over the trees, and from an upper elevation, angels dressed in white and shrouded with light, announced the birth of the Christ Child, and sang “Glory To God in the Highest” for a Saviour has been born.

From there our travels carried us to an Inn without a vacancy; past several shop keepers - some of whom were happy about this announcement, while others were not. Roman Soldiers warned us not to believe all the rumors about this Birth.

We were “dragged” before a Tax Collector, and questioned seriously, with our guide being the one who paid and carried us through.

When we left there, more soldiers, and some peasants greeted us - with one opinion or another.

Soon, we were led further on, where we found a stable with a manger, and Joseph, Mary and Jesus were on display, while the Three Wisemen stood by, announcing their fealty to the Christ Child. They then told us they would NOT report to King Herod what they had seen and heard.

Leaving there, we traveled some distance toward a wooden cross that had obviously been recently occupied, and were met by the Pastor of the Church who explained what we had just experienced, and the message of the birth, death, and eventual resurrection of Jesus, and what that could mean to us if we receive Him as our Saviour.

Following this, we were directed a short distance to another building, where we received hot chocolate and cookies, since it was rather chilly. Then, a bus returned us to the other side of the campground to our cars.

A wonderful experience!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Book Arrived!!


The first book arrived today, and Timi took some pictures of the event.

First, here's Carol Miller handing me the parcel, that was obviously the book.

Trying to get the "cussed parcel" open! Don't they know I'm excited?

Me, actually looking at the book for the first time:

Really, I'm acting like a kid with a new toy - or, more aptly, like a father viewing his newborn child - before anyone else did - except, of course, the publisher, or the mother, as the case may be.

I mentioned earlier that though the ISBN number won't work for a few weeks, the book may be bought - and 15 have already been bought - besides the 20 I bought for my friends at The Grand Court.

To buy a book from the Internet, type in "", then click on "Buy". In the blank slot,type Mike Maddex, or Musings of a Story Teller Wannabe, then "follow your nose", with your credit or debit card ready.

Sometime next week after the 20 arrive, we are having a "book signing", or "autograph party", whichever you choose, where I will sell maybe 18 to Grand Court people at my Author's cost. I need to reserve 2 for Jessica Pikey, the Illustrator, and Timi Neff, the Photographer for the Author's Photo. Free to them, of course.

Thank the Lord for this experience. I pray that some of thse "musings" - even the funny and ridiculous ones - might bring a smile, or a serious thought to each one who reads.

To God Be The Glory, and in remembrance of my 65 delightful years of marriage to Jean.