Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Book Signing

Well, a first for me…………I sold a total of 15 books here - at my actual cost - gave one to Jessica because of her sketch on the front cover; one to Timi for her Author’s photo on the back cover; (neither of them may receive any money from residents for any purpose); one to Tracy for consideration as a “premium” at SHARATHON; one to Kelly, for the original idea of the book; and one to Tom Stafford of the Springfield News-Sun for consideration of a feature article.

That rounds out the original 20 I ordered. I bought 10 more, which are on the way.

There have been 16 sold on the Internet, so far.

To buy one yourself: 1) Go to the Internet; 2) type in; 3) click on BUY; 4) then fill-in the blank with either “Mike Maddex” or, “Musings of a Story Teller Wannabe.” Then, have your credit card and mailing address ready.

The cost here is $13.94 per book (set by the publisher), plus mailing, making the final cost just over $17.00.

I’ve asked the publisher to refund $3.00 to those who have purchased from them, and take it from my “royalty”. Then, to sell any new ones for $10.94, giving me the “one dollar per book royalty” I requested, rather than the three dollars they set.

I don’t know how that process will go.

Now, to the Signing.

Some were bought earlier in the day since some of the buyers couldn’t come at 1:00 PM for the signing. But, 15 books vanished from my stock - though I expect to have 10 more by Monday or Tuesday.

At the end, I had one book left, so I took it to my room. On the way, the son of one of the residents said he just got here, and wanted a book. He got the last one.

I’m not totally lonely, though, because the ORIGINAL book that I essentially paid $369 for, is staying with me - as a souvenir.

Now, several days later, the next 10 arrived just before Christmas, and I have 7 of them left.

By the way, though I MAY run out of books here that I have bought, the publisher will NEVER “run out”, since they just print up whatever is ordered, and ship them out. They are VERY fast, and generally ship in 3 to 5 business days after the order.

Some of the comments have been gratifying, such as one of the Supervisors here who said her kids like it as much as she does. (She insisted I sign her book, including writing her name with it.)

A couple who are friends with Jim and Joyce are waiting until the Christmas and other holiday rush is over, then to read it. She was so excited, that I told her she should wait until after reading it, to see how she felt about it then.

( I hope it holds up!)

Two or three staff members here say they want to buy it, but need to find the cash after recovering from the Christmas “spending spree”. I WANT to just give one to them, but my “dollars sense” tells me I’m losing enough with the original order.

But, I just want people to read it.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this yet, but I have already done a “first edit” on another 46 potential chapters for a “sequel”. Something like, “More Musings From Mike”; or, “Ramblings of a Rag Tag Octogenarian”; or, “He Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut”; or, some intelligent title like these.

Jessica, the artist who did the front cover, just now stopped by to pick up 3 more for her family. (They MAY like the cover better than the text of the book, I don't know.)

Sitting back now, just thinking about this whole thing, I think one has to be just a little bit “arrogant” to expect people just to rush out and spend money to read thoughts just “spewing” out of one’s mouth (fingers, actually).

And, the more people talk about it, expressing delight in the thoughts, humor, crazy ideas, etc, you express, the more you think what you’ve written amounts to something.

It’s hard not to get proud!

I think I have a tendency toward “braggadocio” anyway. And, having people positively comment on something you have written; or spend money to read more of, “feeds” that apparent need for “self-aggrandizement”.

Sometimes, it’s not a pretty sight.

But, ever since our Granddaughter Kelly began talking to me about “archiving” some of the things I’ve written - basically to give future generations of family members an insight on what one of their progenitors was like, and what he felt like - I’ve been aiming in that direction. And, to be honest, I’d like for others to know a bit more about me, as well.


There I go admitting to some rather distasteful thinking again.

Maybe I should stop here, and give myself a little shower of humility.


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