Thursday, November 12, 2009

Springfield Children's Chorus

At the Grand Court, we had the privilege of hosting the 25 members of the Springfield Children’s Chorus, who sang for us.

The Children ranged in age from 3rd through 10th grades, both boys and girls.

As noted in the picture, the time of the “concert” was at 6:15PM, right at the end of our second-seating supper.

Timi, not being able to come back for this, asked me, as the Resident Council President, to preside and introduce them.

I agreed to do so, but neglected to realize that, though the children singing would be heard well by the residents, the comments by the Director could not be heard by all. I realized by 6PM that I would need the amplifier and microphone, and when I mentioned this to the Director, she said it was not necessary, since she had a loud voice.

Not so. Thus, my mistake.

We COULD hear the singers, though, and it was a delight to see and listen to.

I tried to get pictures of each one, so it took 4 shots to do it:

The Director of the group is Ms. Carolyn Kearns, and the pianist, Ms. Becky Chasnov, who happens to play the piano for some of the musical programs at my church.

There were several parents along too, who stayed in the background. I got to greet them as a group, at the end.

They left our place to go to a Nursing Home for their next concert. These kinds of outings are not only enjoyable to their audiences, but also, gives them experience in ministering to, and helping the elderly.

An interesting thing about this concert was that we were merely looking-in on a rehearsal, as it were. Especially interesting to me, as a former Choir Director. She would stop them, then re-do some part.

The music was quite complex for these ages, it seemed to me, but they handled it well!

This was merely one of the many activities and visiting groups that Timi arranges for us, here at The Grand Court.

We all love her very much!

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