Saturday, November 7, 2009

River Boat Ride

Anticipation for this “outing” has been building for over a month.

This was a special outing, in that it cost us $30 including an outstanding Buffet Dinner.

This was so special, that the normal “sign-up” sheet was not used, but rather, personal contact and reservation with Timi was made. Anyone could go, but PAID reservations had to be made, so a place would be reserved on the boat.

You see, the problem with the “sign-up” sheet is that, up until the time of departure, you may “cross off” your name, and an alternate who signed up may take your place. I learned early that just because your name might not have made it on the list, it doesn’t mean you can’t go.

There’s a GOOD chance you can still make it.

I found that out last summer when I neglected to”sign up” for one of the “Arts in the Park” outings.

I don’t know why, but I just decided to “take up my coat and hat” and show up in the Front Lobby. My name was not only NOT on the “sign up” list, I hadn’t even added my name to the “alternates”.

Brash, right?

I had no intention of taking any one’s place. I just waited to see IF there might be a space available.

I moved to the background so the “signers-up” might go right to the bus and get on.

I thought the size of the crowd was rather small, but I just waited.

“Well, Mike, are you going or not?”, said our intrepid Activities Director.

“Uh……..I neglected to sign up.”

“Do you see the lobby crowded with people wanting to go?”


“Well, GET ON!”

It turned out that there were STILL seats available.

I say, “That’s the problem with the sign-up sheet for bus ride reservations.”

For this ride to the Ohio River, however, it WAS no problem, since all had paid “up front”,

We ended up with 21 Residents, Staff and some family members - some, of course, riding in their own cars, since the bus only holds 12, plus the driver. (There ARE two additional “jump seats” in the back that WERE used this day.)

We left promptly at 9 AM, and headed for Cincinnati and the BB River Boats - well, Newport KY, actually. We made a “pit stop” at a Rest Stop on I 75, arriving at the boat right when they were “on-loading”.

It was a cold, rainy day when we left. But, we assumed there would be no problem on the covered boat. There wasn’t.

Though there was a long line ahead of us (several groups were going today), the line moved swiftly and on to our Reserved tables. Our tickets were “on hold” just inside the loading platform, so we all tried to go in together. We had some wheel chairs, walkers, and one electric cart. One table held 16, and another 5.

Background music was played throughout the meal, mostly by an accomplished banjo player - right next to our table.

Two waitresses served our table, providing our drink orders.

Shortly, we were guided toward the Buffet Table, which was loaded with “goodies” and several entrees, plus dessert.

Several pictures were taken. Some of which are displayed here.

On the way home, the traffic was “horrendous”.

After leaving the heaviest part of it, Timi said,

“Mike. Why don’t you sing some of the songs you had us sing on another of our bus outings.”

All I could think of was:

“Fee little fitties in an itty bitty poo” - ending with “boop boop dittum dottum wottum chu, boop boop dittum dottum wottum chu, boop boop dittum dottum wottum chu, and they fam and they fam right over the dam.”

Too intellectual?

When my mind wouldn’t come up with any other classical tunes, Timi said,

“My daddy owns a grocery store, and in this store he sells something that begins with (some letter). What is it?”

We went around and around with that for several minutes, with Timi trying to tell us it was on “Aisle 5 at the Derr Road Kroger Store.”

Of course, whoever guessed right had to make up another one.

You know, these bus outings shouldn’t be a total loss - you can learn some really good stuff there!

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