Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reserved Seats

The idea for this posting came to me while thinking about the “reserved” places we got on the River Boat ride on the Ohio River.

Not all “seats” at occasions are reserved.

Last summer, there were several hundred seats at the Summer Arts Festival that we participated in, but NONE was reserved.

Not reserved means that it is “first come, first served”.

We understand why seats for large meals should be reserved in advance. After all, how else would they know how many meals to prepare, if no reservations are taken.

Commercial restaurants, normally, do not have reserved seats. They recognize that many people who come there to eat, do so on a “spur of the moment” decision. They didn’t plan on going, but, at the time, it seemed like a good idea.

There are some “call ahead” restaurants that will hold a seat for you, IF you are there at the right time. Seems to be not much better than “first come, first served”, doesn’t it?

At some public occasions, both “reserved” and “open” seats are available. The “reserved” ones, of course, would be the better seats - down front - as it were.

But, you may still go on a last minute whim, taking your chances on getting a place to sit - especially if the occasion is a popular one, and well advertised.

Supposing, though, that the place you want to go to is VERY important to you, and you don’t want to miss it - at any cost. You know the consequences of missing it, so you make sure you reserve some seats.

On the other hand, you think, why not wait awhile and see how the “wind blows”. Maybe no reserved seats will be needed. Maybe you can just “slip in” at the last minute - without reservations - and enjoy what’s going on, as much as anyone else.

On the “third” hand, maybe reserved seats ARE needed, and you are taking a chance on missing out totally on what you wanted to do.

If you don’t make reservations, what then?

You’ve missed it.

No problem, if it’s not that important to you.

But, suppose it IS important to you.

Is it worth waiting around, possibly missing what you really want to do?

Think about heaven, for a minute.

Did you know that seats there are NOT “first come, first served”?

That they’re “purchased” in advance - or not at all?

You can’t “pay at the door”, after you’re dead.

Heaven and eternal life are for those who, seeing their need for a Saviour, acknowledge that to Him, and receive Christ as a Personal Saviour - without charge.

No payment. Just acquiescence to His right to “set the rules” for entry.

The Bible reports that, “As many as received Him, to them He gave eternal life.”

THAT is a FIRM reservation, with a guaranteed seat waiting for us.

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