Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flying to Florida

I'm right now sitting in the Gate C55 area of the Columbus Airport. Not an easy task getting here! I'm writing, of course on my BlackBerry, so it's a little slow typing.

My flight leaves in about an hour.

Though I assumed the details of my trip would be uneventful, I still left home 3 1/2 hours becore the plane's departure. Par for me.

I arrived at the long term parking area timely.

It's been years since I've been at CMH, so I was shocked at the size of the Long Term Red parking Lot. Inside the lot, I drove and drove and...... drove before finding an empty space.

I had asked the Attendant about the daily cost, as well as if the Shuttle came there. Cost: $6/day, and yes, the shuttle comes near your car.

I found a spot near Bus Stop 7, and parked in row 23A. The Stop is quite close.

I shut down the car, got my "pull along" bag, and small blue case out of the trunk, and went to Stop 7. Shortly, another customer showed up, and we waited only a short time for the shuttle.

When it stopped for us, I picked up my "pull along" bag, and got on the bus. So did he.

We kept going thru several stops, picking up customers at each one.

Before we arrived at the Airport, one of tbe passengers quietly said to her husband, "I'm not sure I locked the car!". He told her that they would just ride the shuttle through again.

Suddenly I said to myself, "where's my blue case?". It wasn't with my "pull along" bag.

Had to "go around" again with the other elderly couple. The driver said that was fine.

Back at Bus Stop 7, he stopped for some other folk. I got off, and didn't see my bag, so I said, "I've lost my blue bag."

A guy getting on the bus said, "We sent it back with the other bus!"

Praise the Lord, it wasn't lost. The driver radioed the other bus and arranged the transfer back to me.

Whew! My boarding pass was in that bag - and a lot of other essential stuff!

Shortly, the husband got off to go lock his car. We waited. When he came back, I asked him if it was already locked. He said nothing, but whispered into his wife's ear. She looked in my direction, and mouthed, "It was locked."

I looked at them and said, "Of course! But you have to check anyway. Senior moment."

They laughed.

At least 3 of us had a "Senior Moment" on that bus trip.

I got my blue bag and went into the Airport - THANKFULLY!

(Only 5 not boarded. So, I have to stop. I try to be last.)

Later at Atlanta:

Whew! I may do a whole post about Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

GULP! I just missed my flight! I had to travel by subway from Concourse A, where I came in, to Concourse D. I arrived 8 minutes early. The flight left 10 minutes early, from the SECOND gate they listed!

So, I'm sitting here at ONE of the gates listed. It's 3:25. I'm on Standby for 5:30, and confirmed at 8:20.

I just now talked to Kelly, and they will wait for me to call.


Here's how that happened:

Getting on the Subway, I almost felt like I was in Manhattan!

The first train I got on was wrong. I was told wrong. I asked an employee about it, and was corrected.

I got off the train and headed for Gate D22. When I arrived, they had another flight listed. I was told to go to Gate D34. I was nervous.

At Gate D34 the flight was listed on the board as leaving at 2:40. I was OK, since it was only 2:28. I sat down waiting for the flight to be called.

First mistake.

(I already had my boarding pass and seat assignment from the Internet.)

I should have gone right to the agent, I see now.

He then called some names, none of which was mine. I got concerned, so went toward the Agent, and before I reached him, he disappeared down the Jetway.

When he came back, two other guys were there with me. When he appeared again, we told him we wanted to board for Melbourne.

He said, "It's gone!" We said "What?"

So, we're on standby.

5:40:No standby boardingon this flight. Full!

I'm waiting now at 6:30, for the 8:20 confirmed flight.

Finally got on it OK.

I was assigned seat 38A. I didn't know there were that many rows on the plane! I was in the last row, and the last seat on the plane! And when the engine started I thought sure it had a bad bearing. It kept getting louder when we took off.

The lady who was assigned seat 38B leaned her head back and fell asleep. When she awoke and went to the rest room, I said to the guy in 38C, "I don't know how she can sleep, with all that noise!"

He grinned at me and said, "I couldn't hear you because of all that noise!"

Though we left the gate 45 minutes late, we did make it, joyously in my case, to Melbourne, and the waving and hugging of the entire Farmer family.

Why did the plane leave 45 minutes late? Because two of the Flight Attendants were late.

I left home this morning before 9:00 AM, and arrived at Melbourne after 10 PM. The original flight was scheduled to arrive at 4:20 PM!

Kelly said that all of these delays and waits today were for a purpose, in God's Eyes.

I agree - aggravating as it was - if for no other reason than to test my patience. Fortunately, I didn't get upset!

Atlanta Airport? BLEAH!!

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