Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Beach in Florida

"Grandpa, are you gonna wear that shirt at the beach?"

That was our great-grandson Ethan's question to me as we were leaving for the Beach near Patrick Air Force Base in Florida.

I looked at my family, and they all had T-shirts, tank tops, etc., while I, an Ohioan, had a dress shirt with no tie.

"You're gonna get sand in your shoes, Grandpa", said Kelly, Ethan's mom. I had no "flip-flops", either!

How could anyone doubt that I was NOT a Floridian!

Well, I guess I needn't have told you about my shirt, etc., since here's a picture taken at McDonald's on the way to the beach. I had my usual "Big Breakfast" there. That's Ben, Olivia, Kelly, Ethan and I waiting to eat.

I used to say, "Let's go fishing!". Now, it's rather, "Let's feed the fish!"

We did that last Saturday, but not catching any fish was not for lack of trying.

Ben caught Kelly, Olivia, Ethan and me on the beach. Do I look like a "Snowbird?" I'm sure I do. However, by this time, all the Snowbirds have "flown north". I'm just a "tourist".

Before we got to the beach, however, Ben got out his "net" and "seined" for "mullet" - to be used for bait.

He cast that thing, I think, eight times, and ended up with at least a dozen mullets, and a couple others I don't know about.

While I was trying to take pictures of Ben "seining", Kelly rubbed Coppertone on my arms, neck - and removing my hat - on my nearly bald head. Good thing. Since she couldn't get to my face, or the back of my hands, they got burnt. To be safe, though, I kept my hat on.

After three or four hours of "sunning" and "feeding the fish", we left the beach to go to Friendly's for a free Ice Cream Cone. Special offer that day. Not as long a line as I expected.

After a "nap or two", we went to Applebee's for supper, then caught the movie "A Night At The Museum", with Ben Stiller. We thought it was a cute movie.

Oh………On Friday night, Ethan’s neighbor girl - Karla - came over to play. She’s maybe ten years old, and wanted to know if she could call me “Grandpa”. “Of course“, I said. After playing outside for a little while, she and Ethan came in and wanted to know if I would play “Cranium” with them. Cranium”? As in “head”? Sure - we used our heads to solve the puzzle.

Olivia and I teamed up to play against Karla and Ethan. They won.

More on this trip in the next posting.

Wonderful time!!

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