Friday, June 19, 2009

Car Show

The Grand Court of Springfield just sponsored its 11th Annual Antique Car Show, right here in our parking lot. I saw at least 25 or 30 cars in the lot, and two especially took my interest.

The first, of course, was the 1917 Model T Ford, owned and shown by Mike Thompson of Springfield. Here are several consecutive photo shots of that car. One of them including the owner.

Here’s a long view:

Authentic 1917 Ohio Auto License Tag.

A rather “dim” view of the clutch (on left); reverse pedal (middle, leaning back; and brake (on right).

In my previous posting titled “Model T Ford”, posted in April (You can see it by “clicking" on April, then scrolling down to it.), I referred to the “throttle” and “spark” levers. They’re shown here, with the “throttle” under the wheel, sticking up to the right. The “spark” lever is barely visible, but is on the left side of the steering wheel, leaning down.

Oh……….how I wish I still had my 1927 Model T Ford. While this one is open, mine was closed, with a roof.

Anti-climactic for me was the 1929 Model A Ford, (shown here), which model followed the last year the Model T was made.

Followed by an authentic 1929 Ohio Auto License Tag.

Quite a show - for me!

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