Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Collier's Outing

Well, we had another “outing” at The Grand Court. This one was a luncheon at Collier’s Restaurant, near the Upper Valley Mall.

But……it was MORE than just a luncheon outing.

There had been a “sign-up sheet” for this outing for over a month. We’ve had several - to different restaurants each time - but I haven’t gone to all of them.

These luncheons are normally for a Friday Noon, leaving our front parking place - in the “glorious” Grand Court bus, at 11 AM.

It seems that there were 14 or 15 residents who signed up this time, but when “bus loading” time came, there were only 10 who showed up - besides Timi, our Lifestyles Program Director - who drives the bus on these outings. I’ve mentioned previously that she directs and coordinates the Resident Activities here.

As we were loading the bus, Timi said she had a surprise for us, and would tell us when we left. Her surprise turned out to be that after lunch, we were going down past Young’s Dairy, to just north of Yellow Springs to see a LARGE field of Sun Flowers, before the expected rain in a few days, dampened them.

We all got on the bus, and set out for Collier’s.

There is space on the bus for any wheel chairs, canes or walkers that anyone needs - in the back. There’s a “lift” there for these as well.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were met by Pam Raines, our Assisted Living Director (Head nurse), who had driven her car.

Going in the restaurant, I told the lady who was holding the door for us that we had 11, instead of the 14 that Timi had initially reported (based, of course on the “sign-ups”) No problem. I had mis-counted, though, since Pam made 12, and later a resident named Paul arrived, after a Doctor’s visit. His daughter brought him to the restaurant. (There were 14 chairs at the long table). Paul had called ahead, and Timi placed his order. Just before he arrived, his cheeseburger and fries were placed at his spot on the table.

Since the food on these outings are at the individual resident’s expense, we had to have separate checks at the restaurant.

We were shown to what I have always called “the party room” on the south side of the building. After we were all seated, I said to the waitress, “Did we tell you that these are ‘separate checks’, and you MAY want leave our section?”

“Not at all”, she assured us.

While eating, there was a lot of friendly “repartee” amongst us, as well as kidding. It was very enjoyable - as was the food.

With Paul now with us, we had a total of 11 riders, and one driver, and we left for the Young’s Dairy area.

The field of sun flowers was outstanding. Timi drove all the way back in the lane, then turned around and came back so the bus door was on the side of the flowers. She pulled slightly off the lane, nearer the flowers.

We all got out, and surveyed them.

Timi wanted to take some pictures of some of us beside the sun flowers, and each one “sidled up” beside them.

Everything was fine, and after all the pictures had been taken, we all climbed back onto the bus, and Timi took off.

Heading back north again, we turned in to the Young’s Dairy parking lot, and we all went in for ice cream treats.

I had my favorite - a cake cone of one dip of Butter Pecan ice cream, while others had a Root Beer Float, strawberry sundae, two large cones of some special ice cream, and a dish or so of ice cream. We sat in the Dining Room and ate.

Some of us, though, went outside early to see the pumpkin display, and of course, Timi took pictures. I had gone toward the bus, so was not in on that event. I can participate, however, by looking at this picture (as can you.)

I was standing on the bus lift (off the ground maybe 5 feet), waiting for the walkers to arrive, when one of them was placed right near the lift, and I THOUGHT about leaning down and picking it up to put it ON the lift.

Timi either read my mind, or saw me leaning that way, and she said,

“Don’t pick that up”!!!

I didn’t.

We all successfully got back on the bus, and headed home. I didn’t think there was as much animation and talking as there had been when we first left home, but everyone seemed to enjoy remembering what we had recently experienced.

We arrived back at the The Grand Court in just about 3 ½ hours after we left.

What a wonderful outing.

I sent a text message to Timi: “That was a great outing! You’re the best.”

She is certainly a synosure to all of us!

(Another new word I learned from my reading. I just can’t wait until I can use these new words.)


cy·no·sure [snə shr]
(plural cy·no·sures)
n (formal)
1. center of attention: the center of admiration, attention, or attraction
2. guide: somebody or something acting as a guide or used for direction.

-cy·no·sur·al [snə shrəl], , adj
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

I’ve come to really enjoy these outings. When Jean and I were here before, we didn’t participate in them at all, because of her condition. Thus, it was hard for me to get “hooked in” on these things now.

I think maybe the Summer Arts Festival trips kinda solidified my satisfaction in them. The “getting away”, along with the developed “camaraderie” we have, makes them very enjoyable.

Well………..the time I convinced everyone to go to my hometown of Mechanicsburg on one of the trips certainly helped my enjoyment.

The McDonald’s Sundaes we get, occasionally, helps also!

Don’t you think?

And, since I am still one of the “able bodied” residents, I enjoy helping with the wheel chairs, walkers - and even electric scooters - on and off the bus.

The driver can’t do everything!

My experiences at The Grand Court - especially these last several months - have been very fulfilling to me!

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