Monday, October 26, 2009

Activity Meeting

WE (at The Grand Court), are “equal opportunity breakfasters and lunchers”.

WE go “where the food is”.

Not that we don’t have sufficient food right here in our Dining Room.

“Senior Citizen Restaurant Outings” have nothing to do with food availability at home.

It’s not the FOOD, silly. It’s the OUTING!

And “camaraderie”.

And “fun”.

And “bus riding”. Ugh!

Each month, Timi has an Activity Meeting. It’s for US to suggest to HER what we’d like to do as a group the following month.

And, restaurant suggestions are taken: Recently, we’ve been to Bob Evans; Urbana Airport Café; Collier’s; KFC; McDonald’s; Mel-O-Dee; Olive Garden; Red Lobster; Rudy’s Smokehouse Grill; Young’s Dairy; and Golden Corral, that I can presently think of.

I’d missed all of these meetings before. I just went to the Activities I was interested in, accepting (or rejecting) what activity she had to offer.

WHY does she have this meeting each month?

I found out at the October meeting last week. There were 12 to 15 residents there, suggesting what she might do to help “keep us busy”.

She has to come up with FIVE different, individual, interesting, beneficial (like exercising daily), and participatory activities - for EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH.

At this meeting, near the end after a good bit of discussion and suggestions were made, she offered a free Hershey bar to anyone who could suggest something that HAD NOT been previously done or suggested. (She gave away 4 that day, I think.)

Any wonder she wants suggestions?

FIVE activities every day?


I’m looking at this month’s Activity Calendar and I see:

Doctor’s visits - Exercise Class - 20’s and 30’s Trivia - Catholic Communion - Pretty Nails - Kitchen Cabinet - Campfire and S’mores - Wii Bowling.

And, that’s JUST the First Day!

Shall I go on?

The Exercise Class is every day - Monday thru Friday.

The others just listed are for EVERY THURSDAY!

On Fridays, add: Coffee Klatch - Bingo - and, week-to-week, either Picnic; or Apple Cider on the Patio; or Breakfast/Lunch “eat out”; or Dominoes; or Happy Hour; or Ice Cream or Bus ride; or Patio Chat; or Ohio River Boat Lunch Cruise; or Board Games; or “Deal or No Deal”; or Hallowe’en Party, etc.

Want more?

Saturdays are relatively quiet, in that Timi is not normally here.

But, regulars on Saturdays are: “Sit and Be Fit” (TV exercises); Lawrence Welk show; Fun & Games. Additional Saturday entries include: Memory Walk; Guest Musical Artist; Family Fall Festival; Penny Ante Game; afternoon movie; etc. (Have also been to a football game.)

Sundays are about the same each week with: Hour Of Power TV Program; an afternoon movie called Sunday Celebration Theater; and Puzzle Time. In October, the Sunday movies included: “Around the World in 80 Days“; “The Spirit of St. Louis”; “Always”; and “Memphis Belle”.

Regulars on Monday are: Bus to local banks; Bus to groceries; Exercise Class, of course; and Bingo. From week-to-week added are: “Community Connections”; “Youthful Dreamers”; “Resident Council Meeting”; “Town Hall” (residents meeting); Bus Ride to see leaves; Health Talk; etc.

Are you tired yet? I am, and I’m now only reporting what is available.

Might as well go to Tuesday’s regulars (besides the daily ones mentioned at first); Doctor visits on bus; Bible Study at 7:30 PM; and Easy Listening Music.

Then, a Volleyball Game was added on a Tuesday this month; Activity Meeting; Community Bingo (outsiders can come); “History Reveals: The Story of Flight; “Discover your Creativity (Crafts) with Judy Roberts; “Birthday Bash” one Tuesday a month with guest musical talent.

Can’t stop now:

Regulars on Wednesdays: Exercises; Game Night; plus the daily ones already mentioned.

Extras on Wednesdays this month: “Daring Dances”; Book Mobile; Mall Area Shopping; Who Am I?; Skip-Bo (a game); Fitness Adventure - Parachute Games; Scrabble; Gin Rummy; Trip to Young’s Dairy; “It All Adds Up”; Wal Mart shopping; Dollar Tree shopping; Pizza ordered in; A Daring Journey - Albuquerque; etc.

Uhhhh, for Timi, it started all over again for November, and NOW December.

She’s even potentially planning an outing tour of WEEC. She just told me, though, that it will be a “Mystery Trip”.

(Mum’s the word!)

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