Friday, September 18, 2009

Lost Socks

This is a desperation plea!

I’ve been “batching it” now for over 6 months, and I need help!

When I moved in to The Grand Court the end of February, I began doing my own laundry. Never had to do that before, at least, without outside help. Jean always advised on that, even when we were here together 2005-2007 and I washed the clothes. She was still in charge of the folding and sorting of the clothing - especially the socks.

Every day now, I find myself searching for “matching socks”.

When I do the laundry every Saturday morning, I fold and sort the clothes as well as I can - including the socks - after washing and drying.

Increasingly, it seems to me, I’m finding it difficult to always match all the socks together. So, I just put them in the socks drawer, assuming the “match” will show up later, stuck to some other piece of clothing.

Why is that? (to loosely quote Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.)

This morning, I decided to look into this phenomenon, and try to “get a handle” on the problem.

So, I laid out ALL the socks in my sock drawer on the bed. As I picked up each one, I tried to find another one to match that one. Not easy!

Now that I have them all laid out, I find that I have 4 pairs matched, and folded together.

But, NOW I’ve got 14 socks side by side on my bed, and NOT ONE of them matches another one!

What’s going on?

Why don’t any of these socks match another one? They used to match.

Have I lost 14 socks in the Washing Machine or Dryer?

When I moved in here from John and Tonya’s, I had a good number of sock PAIRS. They all matched. Tonya saw to that.

What happened?

I didn’t just now get concerned about this. For several weeks I’ve been wondering why I have such a hard time finding matching ones.

Earlier this morning, I found a couple of them that looked a bit alike, same markings and size, but when I got them closer to the light, they were different colors.

One was black, and the other brown!

Do they change color during the laundry?

Surely, I’m not the only one who has been struck by the “Sock Bandit”.

Unless I get help shortly, I’m going to start wearing “almost matched” socks. I’m certainly not going to go out and buy a bunch of new socks, for heaven’s sake.

Maybe I could just “hang up” several of these single socks in the Laundry Room, and see if someone else has a match for them.

Did I mention before that another problem I had with the laundry was that I could NEVER fold the “fitted sheets” properly? For weeks I tried to fold them, but just had to put them in the drawer sloppily folded.

I solved that problem some time back. I just wash the folded sheet, and when it’s dry, I put it back on the bed. Eureka!

I suppose it will eventually wear out, but when it does, I still have the other spare I can wash and replace.

No good for socks, though.

Where are my lost socks?!

Can anyone help me?

I suppose I could search the “Wanted” items in the Newspaper, and see if anyone else has a sock problem. Maybe we could get together and have a “sock swap”.

Can you tell that I’m desperate?

Signed: “Lost Sock Victim”


paige said...

If you figure it out, grandpa Mike, let me know! I've thrown so many single socks out, it's ridiculous.

On another note, Janie got your card today and was delighted! So kind of you to remember!!

Grandpa Mike said...


You mean I'm not alone?

Whew! What a relief!

Bless you for commenting.

Love to all,

Grandpa Mike

Diann said...

Hey, is that where that extra sock came from in my dryer?!! Must be one of yours! Tee hee!

Grandpa Mike said...


E-mail it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need it.