Wednesday, April 29, 2009

iPod Song List

I just now got out of bed to start this post (It’s 12:36AM), since I just finished listening to the songs on my iPod - alphabetically - and I was so intrigued by it that I thought I should comment on it.

I have mentioned previously that I have over 800 songs on the iPod. In order to be accurate in the number, I opened up iTunes on this computer to check, and, as so often happens, I was told that I could download iTunes 8.1.1 right now if I wanted. Of course I did! But, it’s now 12:58AM. I hadn’t planned on staying up this late. I just wanted to start the posting on the Word Processor, and name it, so I wouldn’t forget it.

The proper number of songs is 857, according to iTunes, which includes the reading of 77 chapters of the Bible (in iTunes, each chapter is called a song.) The number of ACTUAL songs then, is 780.

(I’m going to bed now at 1:03AM. Finish tomorrow, or later.)

Next day, after 8AM breakfast.

For some time, though I’ve always quoted the iTunes number of 857 songs, occasionally I wonder how accurate that is. Well, true to form, I opened up iTunes listing all the songs, and I COUNTED them.

I came up with 837 songs, as I counted them one by one.

Difference? Well, I notice that I have 18 Podcasts listed - including some from our Granddaughter Molly, as well as from National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. Are they included in the 857? I don’t know. Even if they aren’t, my 837 is sufficiently close to 857 that I’m satisfied the listing is accurate. More accurate, actually, than my count. Relief! Actually, I probably skipped from “59” to “50” a couple times, too.

These songs are listed by: Artist, Album, Genre or Title. That is, I can start listening to all the songs by a specific artist; or just those on a particular album; by a certain genre (Classical, Christmas, Country, Jazz, Gospel, Easy Listening, Folk, Love Songs, Pop, etc.); or alphabetical by title.

Listening by title is what I’ve been doing some lately - but NOT all 857 songs at one time!

I can listen to: Abide With Me; Accentuate the Positive; The Acts; After You’ve Gone; Beethoven’s Piano Sonata; Christ the Lord is Risen Today; Ephesians; I’ll Be Seeing You (two different versions); Romans; The Saints Go Marching In; all the way to Strangers in the Night; Tell Mother I’ll Be There; Plenty of Money and You; and finally, Your Wonderful Parade.

According to iTunes, if I had started with Abide With Me, and continued to listen thru to Your Wonderful Parade, it would have consumed 34.9 days! ( I wonder about that, too, but I’m NOT going to add up all the times!)

However, last night, I started with Wonderful Grace of Jesus, and beginning at about 11:30, I expected the list to end any time. After each one, I thought, this will be the end, especially when I had several W’s. However, by the time Your Wonderful Parade was sung, it was almost 12:30!

I listen to some of these songs every night (except 3 nights in the last 3 months), and occasionally go to sleep, only to wake up later still hearing some songs. Other times, such as last night, I try to stay awake longer.

Because of my interest in music down through the years (how many times have I used THAT phrase?), I especially enjoy lying quietly in my bed and listening to a large variety of music. I do have to say that I sometimes skip one or two that I don’t especially appreciate at that time. That’s an option I like. (How about Fats Waller singing “Your Feet’s Too Big”? At night? In bed? Really! This was one of the songs I got when I “uploaded” several CD’s.)

One thing I have to remember is that the battery in the iPod DOES need charging occasionally. The other night I turned it on , only to see the words “Place on Charger” come up on the screen. I had neglected to plug it in to the Computer soon enough. That’s the only way I can charge it, by the way, but it is very handy. I got it sufficiently charged, though, before I went to bed.

Some time back, the songs began to “scrunch together”, so to speak, with the second song starting to play, while the first one was still finishing. I tried to find out how to correct that, but was unable to.

Finally, I resorted to the old computer adage, “Reset it, or turn it off, or remove the battery.” So, I used the suggested method of “restoring to factory settings”, then plugged it into the computer, and iTunes restored the songs in the original position, with maybe 3 seconds pause between songs. Terrific!

Something about my iPod that I don’t think I’ve mentined before, is that I have 184 photos on it - all those pix that I have in my computer. They are automatically “downloaded” when I connect the iPod to my computer.

This may be the shortest posting I’ve had for some time, but, unless I can think of something else to add, it will stay this way.


Diann said...

Ha Unc, I may never get that Fats Waller tune out of my head after listening to it on You Tube! :)

Grandpa Mike said...

Really? You "dig" Fats that much?

I've heard him for years, and I KNOW he has recorded many other songs, but I just can't shake his connection to "Your Feet's Too Big"!

On that site you suggested, it mentions "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down..." as being one of his. I relate that to Anne Murray. (That's on my iPod also.)