Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

The Senior Citizen facility I live in called The Grand Court, sponsored an Easter Egg Hunt for all of us residents.


Actually, it was for our Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren. We were supposed to just sit in the chairs and benches and watch. Well, maybe not all of us "sat around and watched."

My Granddaughter Jodi, and her son Rylan had lunch with me here, then, at 2PM, we were joined by maybe 30 other boys and girls - of all ages - and the Grandparents sitting in chairs beside the lawn to watch. Here's Rylan and Friend.

Ever hear of sack races? You know, the kids put both feet in a “gunny sack”, line up together, then race - hopping all the way? Kids?

Here’s one of them:

Who is that OLD guy? He’d better have help, or he might fall might fall and break his hip - or some other important joint.

Well, he DID fall, and look at him on the ground!

Somebody help him up!

I don’t know how many hundred plastic eggs were on the grounds, but all the kids found them.

There were other activities, such as: Pinning the tail on the bunny; and a Bunny Pinada that all the kids swatted at. It finally broke up, and the candy fell to the ground, followed by the kids to pick up the pieces.

One of the Grand Court workers took this picture of Jodi, Rylan and me, on the same day.

There is probably no greater joy for Grandparents (and Great-) than to see their grandchildren having fun. There were walkers, wheel chairs, canes and plenty of chairs/benches for us to sit on. They all laughed at me when I fell - unhurt!

You don’t care if this is a short posting, do you?

I was sure you didn’t.

Christ is Risen!

(He is risen, indeed!)


paige maddex said...

Grandpa Mike,
These pictures are precious! Please tell Jodi and her adorable little boy that we say hello!

We sure miss you out here in IN. Everytime we go to "Nuni's" Janie still asks, is Grandpa Mike going to be here?

Lots of love,

Grandpa Mike said...

Bless you, Paige!

Tears come when reading your comment.

Love to all the Indiana Clan!

Grandpa Mike