Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why Blog?

Since opening this blog early in November, I’ve thought a lot about the reason for it, as well as the alternatives to it. Which of these is best? Telephone? US mail? E-mail? Person to person? Blog? (By the way, where did this term “Blog” come from? I haven’t the slightest idea! Do you know?)

Back to the subject:

The basic function of a blog, it seems to me, is to Communicate.

Why is it better (if it is) at communicating than the others mentioned? Well, rather than immediately think that it is superior, let’s look at them:

Person to person: You and I converse, nose to nose, so to speak, and can hear the other person’s tone of voice; we may see in his/her eyes; notice the nodding of the head, etc. or look at a frown or furrowed brow; but we may not continue talking un-interruptedly, since he/she may want to interject a word/phrase or two. The length of the conversation on our part, may be controlled by the other person’s patience in listening. We only control our side of the conversation, if we get to speak at all. And, the other person wants to give input. Enough of a description?

Telephone: We can’t see the other person, but we may hear the sound and tone of the voice; and maybe even notice the volume of the other person speaking; but we can’t see the other person’s physical reaction to what we are saying. We may still suffer the interruption of our cadence as in person-to-person conversation; but we may NOT visually observe any reaction to what we say.

US Mail: Different than the first two, in that, we write, totally without interruption; we may stop and think what the next phrase should be; we can elaborate on the subject as it seems fit, without interruption; our facial expressions are not seen, and we are free to go on forever.

E-mail: Quite a lot like US Mail, except, generally, the thought tends to be shorter, because of space. We still may stop and think; continue without interruption, and may elaborate at will.

Blog: Basically, has the same characteristics as US Mail and E-Mail; pausing for thought; no interruptions from the “listener”; possible elaborations; (whether it would be “shorter” or not, may depend on the subject. There is generally a limit on the number of words the space can accommodate.) If the writing is done on a word processor, (as I do) rather than directly on the blog , it can be done either at one sitting, or over a length of time. I merely “save” what I’ve written, and return to complete the thought as many times as needed. When finished, I “copy” the material to the Computer “clip board”; open the “blog site”, “log in”, indicate I am starting a new post, then I “paste” the words on the site. Then I may edit as needed.

OK. So what did all of that tell us?

In every instance but the “blog”, the “listener” must handle the material. That is, he/she must answer the phone; or stand and listen to you talk; open the mail and decide whether to read it all; or look at the title of the e-mail and either open it or delete it; spend the time on the phone at your convenience. NOTHING of his/her choosing.

“So what are you saying, Mike?”

I’m saying that with the “blog”, YOU control your own actions and reactions. I haven’t sent you anything that you have to answer, open, handle, or anything else that YOU don’t choose. You find out about my blog from some source - (many times me) - and then, AT YOUR CONVENIENCE you may open up the blog and see what that scatter-brained Mike has to say - IF YOU WANT TO!

Got the difference?

Here’s a verse for me right now: Ephesians 2:3: “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other(s) better than (himself).”



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