Friday, November 7, 2008


Forgive me for this second post being only 4 hours after the first. I AM just learning. I've had 2 comments already (can't brag. Grandchildren).

Football. I went to the local high school game tonight, but only stayed for the first half (It got too cold for an old man).

I just wanted to comment on what I see so often. "Fair weather fans". Know what I mean? We support our team a lot when it does well, but when not (Why did the coach call that play?) (Can't the quarterback THROW the ball?) (The halfback carries the ball too low.)

"Fair weather fans?" What about support? Or, give them a chance? Why not encourage?

We used to call these guys "Downtown quarterbacks". My problem is, "I do it too!"

I'm ashamed.

People REALLY need encouragement. We forget that the Coach now realizes that it was the wrong play. Let's give him a chance! We don't have to lie if we think he did wrong. Let's tell him - and the team that we appreciate the hard work and effort.

Could I do better as a coach or player? I'd guess not.

"Let each esteem other better than themselves." Phil. 2:3.

Oh.....we lost 14-7. I knew it!


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