Friday, July 24, 2009

Box Lunch

Here at The Grand Court, we are served three meals a day - every day - year round. I show up in the Dining Room at 8 AM for Breakfast; 12 Noon for Lunch; and 5:15 PM for Supper. I don’t miss very many meals here, unless I have to eat someplace else on a special occasion.

Now, there is an exception to the “showing up” at the Dining Room every day, and that is, whenever there is a National Holiday.

Oh, we’re still served three meals a day even then, but the Evening Meal, or Supper as it is called here, is a “Box Lunch”, rather than a Dining Room meal.

After all, the kitchen and wait staff deserve to celebrate the holidays as much as anyone else. The kitchen staff still serves as many meals, since they prepare the Box Lunches the morning of, or the day before, the Holiday. But, they - and the wait staff - have the day off after the noon time lunch. Fair, right? Sure!

Since I’ve been back (after Jean passed away last October), I’ve only had two Box Lunches here. When we were here before, we got them each of the holidays that we stayed here. Since there are generally six recognized National Holidays a year, Jean and I were probably served 12 of those while we were here. All of them very good!

The last Box Lunch I got here was last Independence Day (“Fourth of July” we said as kids).

I have to say, first of all, that the regular meals here are good, well-rounded, nutritious and filling. Almost “too filling” for some of us old timers who don’t eat as much as we used to.

At Breakfast, we have available to us almost anything that any one would normally want for breakfast - Healthy Start (Cholesterol Free); cold cereal; hot cereal; pancakes; waffles; French Toast; eggs prepared as you desire; bacon; sausage; home fries; milk; coffee; hot tea; hot chocolate; orange juice; cranberry juice; apple juice; assorted toasted breads; etc. - all at our request!

At both the noon and evening meals, a variety of soups is available - changing each day and meal. At each of these, a choice of 2 Entrees is offered, as well as appropriate vegetables and side dishes. Assorted desserts are provided at lunch and supper.

In addition, at the evening meal, a Salad Cart goes to all the tables, offering Tossed Salad with assorted dressings; Cottage Cheese; apple sauce and an Assorted Fruit Cup.

And, to the wonderment of some of my friends who know of some other “Institutional Living” places, waitresses come right to our tables to take our orders, chosen from the long list provided. And then, serve it, individually.

Moving right along…………

For this holiday, I was gone during the day to be with my granddaughter Jodi, and her son Rylan. He and I spent a couple of hours at the Reservoir Marina, watching boats and fishermen, while Jodi was helping someone at Comfort Keepers.

Here’s what we did some of the time:

When Jodi returned, the three of us had lunch at KFC, then went to Wal Mart for a little shopping. I then returned home at about 3PM, put my carton of Gatorade in my refrigerator, and there was my Box Lunch for supper.

Another side note:

Also in my room, on my bed as I requested, was the laundry that I had started to do right after breakfast.

After starting the Washer, I casually looked at my daily schedule in my BlackBerry, and was reminded that I had agreed to be with Rylan that day. I had to leave in 20 minutes. Since the total time of my laundry normally takes about an hour-and-a-half, I was in BIG TROUBLE!

My first thought, (since it was a Saturday, and a Holiday) was to rush down the hall to find Judy Roberts or Timi Neff - the alternating weekend Managers. I was sure one of them would knew how to fix my problem.

At about half-way down my hall, here came Judy towards me to go to someone else’s apartment. I told her of my predicament, and she said she could handle that problem very easily.

I said, “The drying will probably take 60 to 70 minutes, so just toss the clothes on my bed - and THANKS!” And away I went.

So, as I started to relate earlier, the clothes were on my bed, and, WERE FOLDED! (Judy does nothing half-way.)

Oh………by the way, the Staff here are NOT permitted to accept tips or payment of any kind from us for the service they provide. So, THANKS was all I could offer.

Back to Box Lunches:

At my usual eating time of 5:15 PM, I went to the refrigerator, took out the Box Lunch, and a bottle of Gatorade Orange.

Here’s what was in it (I listed these in my BlackBerry at the time so I wouldn’t forget):

Ham Salad on Whole Wheat bread.
A Muffin.
A slice of Cantaloupe.
Two Strawberries.
Twelve white grapes.
A Brownie for Dessert.
My Orange Gatorade.

Not bad for a “Box Lunch“, right?

Before I posted this, I sent a copy of it to Judy, Timi, and to Pam Trinkle, whjo is the Dietitian and Supervisor of the Kitchen and Dining Room. I wanted it to be accurate, and felt they should know that I was mentioning their names.

After the week-end, I showed this to each of them, and they approved.

Pictured here, L to R, Timi Neff, Judy Roberts and Pam Trinkle.

Pam, though, said that when she started to read this, she assumed it was a criticism of the kitchen, dining room or maybe the food/menu. She later figured that it was a compliment, and hesitatingly told me so.

Therefore…………for Pam, and for anyone else:


I’m “pleased as punch” with my stay here at The Grand Court, and that includes the food, kitchen and dining room service.


kelly said...


I'm thrilled that you are so happy and comfortable there-
God Bless The Grand Court!

Love you,

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