Thursday, March 19, 2009

Widower Musings

Looking at this title reminds me that this is the second time I’ve used the word, “Musings” on this Blog. Maybe I should use “Thoughts”. Or, “Ideas”. Or “Complaints”. (Oops. Was that a “Freudian Slip”?)

Let me pause a minute here.

Since not everyone means the same thing when they refer to a “Freudian Slip”, it seems rather prudent for me to relate MY understanding of the words - at least as far as this posting is concerned.

I think of a “Freudian Slip”, as a statement, or thought that comes out of one’s mouth, that wasn’t intended to be said, though it was being thought of, while saying and/or writing something else. It seems to come from the “sub-conscious”, as I see it.

Thus, in the first paragraph above, my intent was to mention and/or re-live some experiences of this Widower keeping my own house. Sub-consciously, however, I was silently “muttering” to myself about how difficult it is for me to properly fold a “fitted sheet” that I had just laundered. I hadn’t intended to mention the “difficult” parts of this arrangement until later. However, the “Freudian Slip” brought out the more embarrassing thoughts that I had “suppressed” - I thought.

Wait a minute! Isn’t it dangerous for me to open up my thinking that much, at least on a Blog that many people are reportedly reading? I think so, but I’ve been, for nearly four months, doing just that, to a certain extent. And, most of my meanderings come right from what comes to mind at that time.

Thus, this “interruption” of my thoughts, right after I started. We’re looking for “honesty” here. Not as someone said, “The important thing to remember is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

(Supposed to be funny.)

Back to the Widower’s Housekeeping.

I suppose it would be likewise prudent, for me to mention that, of all my abilities, or lack thereof, “housekeeping” SURELY makes the top of the “lack thereof” category.

Maybe I should have thought of that when I began wondering if the Lord would have me move back to The Grand Court where Jean and I spent 2 wonderful years, but now WITHOUT Jean.

I should hasten to add that, though this posting will seem to be a “complaint”, I am perfectly happy here, and feel comfortable in the “Lord’s Will” living here - difficulties of “housekeeping” notwithstanding.

Did I once before say, “Back to the Widower’s Housekeeping”? I’m now saying it again.

“Back to…………..”, etc.

Let me mention some pleasant things first. (Unless, of course, old “Freudian Slip” rears its ugly head again.)

First, I couldn’t be in a more pleasant place. Jean and I learned that 4+ years ago when we first moved in here.

An aside - though Jean wasn’t sure she wanted to sell our Mobile Home and move anywhere 4 years ago, when she was wheeled into the living room of the 2 room “display” apartment here, she said right away, “We’ll take it!” And, we got it - THAT one!

Back to the pleasant things:

1. The apartments are clean, bright and “heat/cool” comfortable.
2. The bath and shower are very adequate, and easily used.
3. There’s a sliding door to a “concrete slab”, screened-in, patio out back.
4. I have an adequately sized refrigerator at my disposal.
5. A Microwave is available for making hot tea, soups or other food.
6. The kitchenette also provides a sink and garbage disposal.
7. There are cable connections for TV, as well as Internet access.
8. There are emergency “call buttons” in both living and bath rooms.
9. A neck style “pendant” for emergencies is also provided.
10. There is an electric range, as well as over-head cupboards.
11. A very adequate “clothes closet” is provided.
12. All meals are provided in the Dining Room, with waitresses taking our orders.
13. Housekeeping (the cleaning type) is provided once a week.
14. There are more “free” activities provided than I can participate in.
15. A van/bus will take us to the doctor, grocery or shopping regularly.
16. Security is almost absolute.

Others would come to mind if I waited long enough, but these surely will tell of my satisfaction in this place.

However, if I could just get someone to do my laundry, fold the clothes, and especially, the “fitted sheets” on my bed. Of course, if I had the money and felt disposed, I could HIRE someone to do any of these unpleasant tasks - including, getting me out of bed.

But, don’t I have some PERSONAL responsiblity for my well-being? Of course. And, though I may complain to myself when I fold the sheets, or do the laundry, or take a shower, or, “get out of bed”, these are things that I committed to when I decided that the Lord would have me move back here.

Hey! I’m happy here!

It was the Apostle Paul who said, “….for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Phil. 4:11

And, I AM!

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